Discovery Gift Box - 52 squares - Reviews

Discovery Gift Box - 52 squares

Discovery Gift Box - 52 squares
Fast shipping, excellent product25.06.2016
By Paul Affatato
I ordered a box delivered to Alaska and got it just three days later. Amazon prime takes over a week, so I was impressed. Chocolates were delicious and the box was nice too. 10/10.
Discovery Gift Box - 52 squares
Love Them!!22.06.2015
By Eileen Clark
These are the best chocolates!! 4 different kinds, all delicious!
Shipping is fast and my last box was packed with ice.
Heard about these chocolates in the book 'Why French Women don't get Fat'.
Discovery Gift Box - 52 squares
By Robert Halpern
Great things come in small packages and these little chocolates prove that.
discovery 52.jpg Discovery Gift Box - 52 squares SKU: 10813 : $34.99

GUANAJA 70 % - CARAÏBE 66 % - TAÏNORI 64 % - TANARIVA 33 %

Discover a selection box of 52 dark and milk chocolate squares of four of Valrhona’s Grand Cru chocolates.

Valrhona's Dark Chocolate: GUANAJA 70%
GUANAJA 70 % develops extraordinary bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes.

Valrhona's Dark Chocolate: CARAIBE 66%
CARAIBE 66% is a perfect balance of smooth chocolate and roasted dried fruit notes with a slight oaky finish. 

Valrhona's Dark Chocolate: TAÏNORI 64%
TAÏNORI 64% progressively reveals fresh yellow fruit aromas, followed by roasted almonds.

Valrhona's Milk Chocolate: TANARIVA 33%
TANARIVA 33% expresses balance of acidulous flavors, softened by pronounced milky caramel notes. The light colors with bronze nuances of this delectable milk chocolate are very typical of Madagascar, where is comes from.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)