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Guanaja 70% - Baking Bag

Guanaja 70% - Baking Bag
The best chocolate money can buy 04.08.2016
By Laurie Sheindlin
Valrhona chocolate is my secret weapon for all chocolate dessert recipes. It is truly the best money can buy. 5 glowing stars!
Guanaja 70% - Baking Bag
Good shipping04.04.2016
By Kaitlin Hoffman
I'm giving this as a gift after sampling it in a cooking class, so I can't speak to flavor, but the bag was shipped quickly and packed well.
Guanaja 70% - Baking Bag
Best chocolate ever28.11.2015
By Veronique
Valrhona is the ultimate brand for chocolate when you want to master your desserts. I bake only with this brand and always succeed in getting the taste I was expecting. I love to make cream, mousse, ganache, cakes, macarons. I always use the feves. You do not have to grate the chocolate, they melt easily "au bain marie" and they really taste chocolate. I use the caraibe one with berries or berries aromes, the jivara with so many other flavors, the guanaja, mostly alone or with sting aromes. The ivory isa must for ganache or to add to any fruit.
Guanaja 70% - Baking Bag
my favorite snack05.05.2015
By bret baughman
love them always, just happy to have found a source, as my Whole Foods does not carry them anymore.
Guanaja 70% - Baking Bag
Chocolate tarts22.04.2014
By andrea laudate
Guanaja held well with other items I used to make chocolate tarts
Guanaja 70% - Baking Bag
Baking Chocolate22.02.2014
By Celeste Reed
I wrote a review for cocoa powder under this chocolate in error. However, this is a great baking chocolate. We use it in our home made hot cocoa and coconut candy bars. The shape makes it easy to melt.
Guanaja 70% - Baking Bag
By Celeste Reed
I love this baking chocolate in cookies, cakes and used to make hot cocoa we a pinch of cayenne. The color is a beautiful 'ruby' chocolate.
Guanaja 70% - Baking Bag
Fantastic Chocolate20.02.2014
By Deborah Takacs
Loved the ease in melting this chocolate! Used over 2lbs. in a large batch of mousse. The taste was fantastic, very impressive dessert. I wanted to say thanks for the quick processing of my order. You are the best!
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GUANAJA 70% develops extraordinary bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes while unveiling flowery notes and an intense flavor that is exceptionally long-lingering.

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This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)