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Abinao 85%

Abinao 85%
Abinao 85% Tasting Bar02/23/2015
By Diana Bielak
❤️ the Abinao tasting bar. Just what I expected out of a high cacao content. Perfecto!
Abinao 85%
Online Ordering Frustrating11/27/2014
By William Middleton
Your online ordering system is not very user friendly as I have to re-enter all of my details every time.
Abinao 85%
Dark Chocolate05/02/2014
By Sanjay Mehta
Very healthy and fine dark chocolate worth the purchase efforts.
Abinao 85%
Customer Service04/27/2014
By William Middleton
I called and left my number as I had a question about the change of packaging for my regular purchase and no-one called me back.
I eventually proceeded to order online but could not call up my previous orders and just re-order.
This would make the web site much more useful.
Abinao 85% SKU: 10971 : $7.49
A high cocoa content and the blending of Forastero beans from Africa make Abinao a chocolate with a distinctive tannic bitterness.