Intense Gift Box - 52 squares - Reviews

Intense Gift Box - 52 squares

Intense Gift Box - 52 squares
Delicious and Smooth29.08.2016
By Wayne M
As much as I love dark chocolate - I get just as much pleasure giving these beautiful boxes of individual squares to my customers! They love that they get the perfect portion for an afternoon pick-me-up. These gift boxes are awesome for friends or business associates, or your coffee table at home.
Intense Gift Box - 52 squares
Fantastic service08.10.2015
By Jenny
I did not get to enjoy these myself as they were a gift for someone far away. That said, they arrived well in advance of when I thought they would, and they made the recipient happy. I expected nothing less; I will order again soon.
Intense Gift Box - 52 squares
By Cathy Schultis
These chocolates are so sweet and creamy tasting for such a high cacao content. When I eat the Guanaco I can hardly believe it's dark chocolate. Also, love the small size. I can be satisfied with one piece with my evening cup of tea!
Intense Gift Box - 52 squares
By Patricia Muehl
The New Abinao chocolate is delish! Others I've tried with this high percent (85%) are dry and bitter. Not so in this case. Guanaja is wonderful too. Bonus, it is healthy if you don't overdue. A bit pricey.
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Dark chocolate squares (70% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter). A selection box of 52 intense dark chocolate squares of two of Valrhona’s most emblematic dark chocolates. Dark lovers will be thrilled.

Valrhona's Dark Chocolate: ABINAO 85%

With empowering and intense aroma, ABINAO 85% emphasizes a specific bitterness and exceptional long-lasting flavours.

Valrhona's Dark Chocolate: GUANAJA 70%

GUANAJA 70 % develops extraordinary bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)