Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55% - Reviews

Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55%

Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55%
Fantastic chocolate27.07.2016
By Mel Ronick
We tasted these Pearls at a restaurant and asked the chef what they were. After looking around we finally found out how to order them. They have significantly enhanced the desserts we make and our guests love them. Will certainly buy more
Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55%
The most wonderful chocolate pearls in a sea of chocolate25.05.2016
I was thrilled to find your website- allowing me to once again purchase the Valrhona dark chocolate pearls. The local natural foods store supplies only the crunchy version, pre-packed and hardly ever in stock. I prefer the smooth pearls and cannot believe I found them right at your website. My order arrived in two days, packed like such a treasure that they are. Thank you!
Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55%
Great Color and flavour19.05.2016
By Georgina Thornley
I love this chocolate.
Once baked the colour of the cake or muffins is brown almost black.
It gives you the feeling of biting into solid chocolate... I really recommend it.
Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55%
So amazing in cookies!!25.08.2015
By Shannon
So, I bought these to use for baking and they are amazing! I used valrhona's chocolate chip cookie recipe (combined with carmelia, dulcey and opalys chunks) and that combined with this chocolate was phenomenal. All of the people at work kept saying how much they loved my cookies. These baking pearls added just the right balance to the cookies. I loved them they were just right!!

Plus like all of valrhona's dark chocolate it doesn't have a really bitter after taste, and I appreciate that!
Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55%
Spectacular Chocolate Surprise 25.05.2015
By Jennifer Alley
These little pearls can take an ordinary chocolate chip cookie and make it extraordinary.
Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55%
Dark chocolate baking pearls 55%22.02.2015
By Aytac Tugertimur
Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55%
Best Chocalate Ever04.04.2014
By Susan Ruffridge
Valrhona-Dark-Chocolate-Baking-Pearls-B4341.jpg Dark Chocolate Baking Pearls 55% SKU: B4341 : $15.99

A sophisticated take on traditional chocolate chips, Valrhona’s 55% Dark Chocolate BAKING PEARLS are elegant, versatile and easy to use in a variety of recipes. 

These solid dark chocolate spheres deliver powerful chocolate taste and a superb, smooth texture.  Use in baked goods such as pancakes, cookies, muffins and brownies or cold preparations such as ice cream or mousse as an ingredient or a garnish.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)