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Bahibe 46%

Bahibe 46%
Very good11.05.2015
The cocoa really comes through, but it's not overwhelming. The milky notes come in after the initial cocoa. It melts wonderfully on the tongue and has a very smooth texture. It's got all the cocoa flavor of some dark chocolates but the milkiness is not missing.

If purchased online, the packaging is in a solid cardboard box with the chocolate in an insulated/padded bag. Inside the bag, there is a "black ice" pack to keep the chocolate cool for most of the time spent in shipping. The chocolate itself is wrapped up in plastic wrap (to defend against any odors). The package was received 2 days after shipment via plane.

I will probably purchase again for gifting. The packaging is worth the $12, but I will still buy in bulk if I do purchase online.
Bahibe 46%
Bahibe 46% Bar12.09.2014
By Cindi Blair
Absolutely loved this chocolate bar. Had to hide half of it so I wouldn't eat it all within minutes. Rich chocolate taste without being too sweet. Nice change from darker chocolate bite.
Bahibe 46%
By Kimberly Riley
Delicious! I will definitely buy more and make a homemade rich chocolate ice cream!
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Nestled in the heart of the Carribean, the island of Hispaniola - with its craggy topography and romamtic yet often storm-battered coastline - has a long history of cocoa production. Endowed with a high cocoa content, BAHIBE 46% offers a balance between the sweetness of milk and the intensity of cocoa , with an essence of nut, enhanced by fruity acidity and a slightly bitter flavor.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)