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Andoa Milk 39%

Andoa Milk 39%
By Sema
All ingredients are not showen on the website and there is vanilla extract in it and I don't prefer to use or eat it because it made of from alcohol so I wasted my money but I got Andoa at the same time and there was no vanilla extract in it and I almost finished the package in 1 minutes ,it was awesome!
Andoa Milk 39%
By Celeste Reed
The best chocolate 'caramel' you've ever had in your life!
Andoa Milk 39%
By Kimberly Riley
Andoa Milk 39% SKU: 10886 : $7.49
NEW This Grand Cru is a soft and mellow chocolate, which seduces with its milk smoothness, and chocolate tenderness, enhanced by a bitter-sweet hint.