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Guanaja 70% Tin Box

Guanaja 70% Tin Box
Little thank you01/27/2015
By Rosita
What not the "thank you" for a long lasting memory!
Guanaja 70% Tin Box
By luciana braga
I love the bitterness and aromatic notes of the Guanaja, its my favorite.
Guanaja 70% Tin Box
By Peter
We love your chocolates. Almost every night we'll complete our meal by nibbling on a few squares as we continue our dinner discussion and finish our wine. However, we simply don't understand why we are forced to buy 1/2 a box of 85% squares when all we want is the 70%. Why was this change made? Certainly not for the convenience of your customers. Logically it must be driven by some kind of company interest. This is surprising and disappointing. Please bring back the single flavor (70%) box.
Guanaja 70% Tin Box SKU: 10998 : $13.99
Guanaja develops extraordinary bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes. This tin box contains 18 Guanaja Grand Cru squares.