32 squares Gift Box - Reviews

32 squares Gift Box

32 squares Gift Box
Only one flaw03/23/2015
By Benjamin Newcomer
I bought this to develop my palette and taste the spectrum of chocolates. The only problem is that I have a gluten allergy and thus could not eat the Jivara pieces because they contain barley malt. You should reduce your ingredients to as few as possible! I would like to be able to enjoy all pieces and taste as much of the cocoa bean in each piece as possible.
32 squares Gift Box
Incredible chocolates11/14/2014
Valrhona makes the worlds finest chocolates!My family and friends agree. I became acquainted with Valrhona through Williams Sonoma.Le Noir Gastronomie made the most amazing ,mind blowing, to die for chocolate ganache cake.So, we couldn't wait to try the gift box.OMG!Beautiful well thought out box,great idea(chocolate tasting).so many different types of flavors to appease any chocolate lover.Marjari 64% my favorite,New Abinao 85% my wife.Incredible flavors, great way to spend the evening.Truly amazing,if there were more flavors I've been up all night tasting them.Incredible!
32 squares Gift Box
terrible shipping07/14/2014
By jong kim
first let me say that the product was great, my wife and i love your chocolates and your packaging.

however, fedex was terrible, absolutely terrible about shipping the items. it was supposed to be an overnight delivery but it took an extra week to receive the items. fedex offered no apology or even adequate explanation. i was incredibly worried that all the items would melt as fedex told me the package was just sitting inside their container at the airport. why no one took it out to actually deliver it on time? i never got an explanation. it would have taken longer had i not thrown a fit and wen to go pick it up myself.
32 squares Gift Box
By Amy Jochims
Gave them as a gift, and thankfully the recipient was willing to share! It was such a great combination of wonderful chocolate! I will be getting/giving more!!
32 squares Gift Box SKU: 10884 : $24.99
NEW ABINAO 85 % - GUANAJA 70 % - CARA¤BE 66 % - ALPACO 66 % - TA¤NORI 64 % - MANJARI 64 % - JIVARA 40 % - TANARIVA 33 %