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Jivara 40%

Jivara 40%
Exotic 19.02.2016
By Magda Assaf
If you like fruity taste in your chocolate,this is the one! First of all ,The chocolate is mild without being too sweet .Then comes the surprise you get from the orange peel and its chewiness.
It is so delicious you become addicted.Thank to this website ,you can order whenever you want.
Jivara 40%
By Baltimore fan
Excellent milk chocolate flavor.
Jivara 40%
By Gregory Curfman
The very best chocolate you can find. Highly recommended.
Jivara 40%
By Kimberly Riley
Valrhona-Jivara-10978.jpg Jivara 40% SKU: 10978 : $7.49

JIVARA 40% Milk Chocolate’s distinctive flavor, both mild and chocolatey, unveils notes of caramel and vanilla enhanced with a touch of malt.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)