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Opalys 33%

Opalys 33%
The best white chocolate ever!!!28.06.2015
By Shannon Sand
Literally that's all I can say. I usually feel that most white chocolate is just too sweet to eat on it's own, but the opalys is amazing it's creamy and has hints of vanilla with out being sickly sweet like most white chocolate...I am a big big fan of this chocolate
Opalys 33%
By Baltimore fan
Wonderful creamy flavor, unlike most white chocolate which is tasteless.
Opalys 33%
By paola castagnino
Particularly impressed by the white chocolate bars. Usually the taste in white chocolate bars is overpowered by vanilla flavor. Not in this case.
Opalys 33%
By Kimberly Riley
Opalys 33% SKU: 10885 : $7.49

Milky and delicate,  pure white in color chocolate with a creamy texture and delicately sugared, OPALYS 33% reveals harmonious aromas of fresh milk and natural vanilla.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)