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Cocoa Powder 100%

Cocoa Powder 100%
By Mary
This product is by far the best cocoa powder I've tried. It is WAY BETTER than the Hershey's cocoa. The intensity and richness of this product is crazy good! It definitely changes the flavor of my chocolate recipe! Definitely will continue to buy this product!
Cocoa Powder 100%
By Daisy Anderson
i ordered two of the Coco powder and received it the very next day!! Absolutely the best chocolate in the world. Love using this product for my cupcakes. Will be ordering again soon!!
Cocoa Powder 100%
Better than the best06/30/2015
By lina thomas
100% unadulterated chocolate!!
Cocoa Powder 100%
Fabulous cocoa06/04/2015
By Carol Sue Ivory
very well packaged, container easy to access and reseal, cocoa powder meets expectations (I've purchased it before.) I like it for all uses - beverages and cooking.
Cocoa Powder 100%
Fantastic Cake!05/25/2015
By Jennifer Alley
Are you planning on making a chocolate cake? Have no fear when using this cocoa powder, it will taste fabulous!
Cocoa Powder 100%
Absolutely the best04/21/2015
By Jeanne Tharalson
This cocoa surpasses all others. A superb product
Cocoa Powder 100%
By Ana´s =
This is probably the best cocoa I've ever had. I use it for my breakfast's chocolate milk and it's smoother than most cocoas and so flavorful!
Cocoa Powder 100%
By test
Cocoa Powder 100%
Awesome 02/28/2015
By Rodolfo Moreno
Cocoa Powder 100%
excellent service and product!02/27/2015
By kleiza fitzgerald
I was amazed how fast this product arrived! I think less than 30 hours!! The chocolate is an excellent product, real fresh and most importantly, the typical key of a quality chocolate: very red-ish colored!
Valrhona-Cocoa-Powder-10671.jpg Cocoa Powder 100% SKU: 10671 : $12.99

A very pure and intense cocoa taste, with a very warm red mahogany color.Valrhona offers you this 100% cocoa sugar-free powder, with exceptional finesse and intense flavor for delicious chocolate drinks or for gourmet recipes.

To make your hot drink, mix two teaspoons of cocoa and the required amount of sugar with a little of hot full fat milk, then add the rest of the milk (40cl - scant 1/4 Cup). The L'Ecole Valrhona also invites you to create pastries with a recipe designed by its chefs.