Dulcey 32% Feves - Baking Size - Reviews

Dulcey 32% Feves - Baking Size

Dulcey 32% Feves - Baking Size
Dulcet 32% fevers-baking size02/22/2015
By Aytac Tugertimur
Dulcey 32% Feves - Baking Size
Great flavor
Dulcey 32% Feves - Baking Size
Dulcey 32% 09/12/2014
By Cindi Blair
First time using this chocolate. Added to chocolate macaroon recipe to lighten it up a little. It worked well with pure dark cocoa powder. Did not like it as much on its own. The pure cacao added just enough sharp chocolate bite to the heaviness of the Dulcey.
Dulcey 32% Feves - Baking Size
wonderful shortcut03/28/2014
By chef doreen
These capture perfectly the flavor of dulce de leche without the too often over dependency on sugar for flavor. Deep milky caramel notes make this perfect for cookies, glazes, etc. in addition to any other baked good requiring this flavor profile.
Dulcey 32% Feves - Baking Size
Heavenly morsels of goodness03/25/2014
By Maciej Minkiewicz
This might be baking size but it is the same delicious treat as you get in bar form, at a much better price. And what a perfect treat it is. The size and shape of the little "coins" is fantastic. So good in fact that you don't want to stop eating. If there is anything bad about this, it is that you WILL put on weight because the taste is irresistible and the amount is fattening. Regarding the taste I have nothing to add beyond the description on the site. It is perfection in the form of chocolate. And the fact that it is exclusive and not available in stores (at least not in the US), makes it even more desirable and delicious. Highly recommended!
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Dulcey is a smooth and creamy chocolate with a velvety, enveloping texture and a warm, blond color. The first notes are buttery, toasty and not too sweet, gradually giving way to the flavors of shortbread with a pinch of salt.