Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag - Reviews

Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag

Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
Baking Chocolate29.07.2016
By Amy
This chocolate has excellent flavor and is perfect in chocolate chip cookies when you want puddles of chocolate.
Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
The Perfect Chip30.03.2016
By kathryn nash
These are perfect for chocolate chip cookies, the chocolate spreads and makes for a great chocolate flavor, and it also stays soft once the cookie cools. I highly recommend this.
Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
Very Good Chocolate21.03.2016
By T. Q. Nashville TN
This is a very high quality chocolate. Even though it is marketed as baking chocolate (it does melt very smooth), my family and I, along with friends enjoy snacking on these little gems!
Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
Grand Cru - 66% Caraibe - Dark Chocolate28.12.2015
By Adel Ziab
This chocolate was top quality and has complex and rich taste. Made chocolate fudge and came out awesome. Just not happy about the $9.99 ground shipping.
Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
Best chocolate in the world21.12.2015
By Valerie A
I have used valrhona chocolate every year since I discovered it. The chef in the restaurant I used to work for used it to make tuffles. I ordered a bag through him the first time to use on my Christmas toffee. Now I spoil my family
with it every year! There really is no comparison when it comes to favor, texture, everything really is just perfect about this chocolate! I use 66% dark on one side of my toffee and milk on the other side. I have even found it is not too hard to temper in my home kitchen.
Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
Great flavor24.09.2015
By nancy hite
chocolate cookies were raised to a different level with the 66% Caraibe.
The wafers made melting a snap and measuring faultless.
Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
gluten free review01.05.2015
By Andrea Laudate
I have been testing Gluten free recipes for Cooks magazine.
I used Caraibe 66 for the frosting on a pound cake---excellent
Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
Fantastic for making truffles.
Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
Day of the Dead molds22.04.2014
By andrea laudate
I have been making "Day of the Dead skull molds" Caraibe 66% was the best chocolate for what I was doing
Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag
By Yvonne Gravely
It is this best chocolate I have ever worked with. I have never experienced a chocolate so fine. It is worth the price.
Valrhona-Caraibe-Baking-Pack-9703.jpg Caraibe 66% - Baking Bag SKU: 12387 : $40.05

This 'Mariage de Grands Crus" from a small plantation along the Carribean Sea has an exceptionally long nose and the soft aromas of nuts on the palate. CARAIBE 66% is a perfect balance of smooth chocolate and roasted dried fruit notes with a slight oaky finish. Its opulent and soft melody unveils subtle almond and roasted coffee flavours.

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This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)