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Chocolate Fusion by Frederic Bau (English)

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5388.jpg Chocolate Fusion by Frederic Bau (English) SKU: 5388 : $149.00

For the first time in the history of cookery books, chocolate has been given the star role in the creation of a dish. And here, we are not talking patisserie, but savory dishes. Moreover, it is not used to give the finishing touch to the texture of a sauce, but holds sway in its own right, constituting the very heart and soul of the dish around which a whole world of flavors and tastes will accompany meat, fish and other ingredients.

The author, Frédéric Bau, is the illustrious executive pastry chef and director of l'Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona. He is also the author of the emblematic publication, Au Coeur des Saveurs already a classic, devoted to patisserie and dessert making. Frédéric Bau, as head of this prestigious school, probably knows about cooking with chocolate better than most.

The author also imparts, with his usual efficiency and those who are not familiar with him will appreciate it precise techniques in chocolate-making; simple indications, facts, so one can begin to understand the four concepts which are essential to master when manipulating this fascinating material and which, from now on, goes straight to the summit of contemporary cooking.