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6574.jpg Sweet Diversions, by Yann Duytsche - Free Shipping SKU: 6574 : $149.00

This work has been conceived as an exercise in style. It proposes twenty-seven ingredient associations and as many variations on a single aromatic movement.

The interest is specifically that of enjoyment, to play with an idea of a mixture, captivating flavors and aromas, and to draw inspiration to invent new creations. The fruits of this exercise are the SWEET DIVERSIONS that Yann Duytsche proposes leaving the door open to future interpretations so that everyone can contribute their own stone to this edifice of plural patisserie.

After a preliminary theoretical section where the work method and creative philosophy of the author are accompanied by a display of technical mastery, 27 chapters with evocative titles transport us on a journey into the world of the senses.

Like an exceptional guide,Yann Duytsche reveals one by one all the secrets of patisserie savoir-faire. From the importance of rigorous processes to the precision of percentages and mixing temperatures, all the details of the preparation are clearly explained in the book.