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Xocopili 72% - Spicy Dark Chocolate Pearls

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Valrhona-Xocopili-Spicy-Dark-Chocolate-Pearls-5145.jpg Xocopili 72% - Spicy Dark Chocolate Pearls SKU: 5145 : $37.90

A Valrhona original, experience the interplay of Venezuelan 72% Dark Chocolate with a mix of exotic spices (Cardamon, Paprika, Curry and Chili Pepper). Xocopili are Spicy Dark Chocolate Pearls developed by Frédéric Bau, executive Pastry Chef at l’Ecole Valrhona. 

An irresistible snack any time of day, these tasty and powerful treats are also suitable for cooking and baking, giving any dish a unique twist. As an ingredient for hot chocolate, cakes, for decoration, or even in savory sauces, they add original Chocolate flavor with lots of character to enrich your creations!
For snacking, baking or cooking, Valrhona Dark Chocolate Spicy Pearls will thrill your senses! 
This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)