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Caramelia 36% - Baking Bag

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Valrhona-Caramelia-Baking-Pack-9702.jpg Caramelia 36% - Baking Bag SKU: 9702 : $40.05

Unlike caramel-flavored milk chocolates made with caramelized sugar, Valrhona's CARAMELIA 36% ses genuine dairy-based caramel (from real skim milk and butter) as a main ingredient. The result is a particularly silky smooth milk chocolate that maintains a clear cocoa note woven together with vibrant hints of caramel. The chocolate feve (small oval coin shape), a preferred format of culinary professionals, is now available for home baking enthusiasts as a user-friendly way to bake stunning cakes, cookies and a host of other delights for family and friends! Caramelia has strong toffee notes.

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This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy)