Valrhona Caramelia 36% - Baking Bag

Valrhona Caramelia 36% - Baking Bag

Caramel & Salted Butter notes Milk Chocolate
36% Cocoa
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Weight: 35.2oz

Unlike caramel-flavored milk chocolates made with caramelized sugar, Valrhona's CARAMELIA 36% ses genuine dairy-based caramel (from real skim milk and butter) as a main ingredient. The result is a particularly silky smooth milk chocolate that maintains a clear cocoa note woven together with vibrant hints of caramel. The chocolate feve (small oval coin shape), a preferred format of culinary professionals, is now available for home baking enthusiasts as a user-friendly way to bake stunning cakes, cookies and a host of other delights for family and friends! Caramelia has strong toffee notes.

Bake with CARAMELIA 36%:

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy) 

Milk chocolate couverture (36% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter).

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, caramel (skimmed milk, whey, sugar, butter, flavoring), whole milk powder, cocoa beans, emulsifier (soya lecithin).

This product may contain traces of nuts, egg proteins, gluten, peanut and lupine.


Expiration date may vary between 2 and 8 months.
Keep in a dry place between 16-18°C / 60-64°F.