Customer Service


Orders placed by 11am will ship the same day from our New York facility. In order to preserve your chocolate and to avoid that your package stays in a warm facility during the weekend, we will have to delay some shipments:

Orders received after 11am on Thursday will only ship the following week on Monday for "overnight" shipping methods.

Orders received after 11am on Wednesday will only ship the following week on Monday for "two day" and "ground" shipping methods.

We can also schedule a Saturday delivery, please contact our customer service representative at or at our toll free number: 1(888) 682-5746 if you wish to receive your chocolate on a Saturday (extra costs will apply).

For customers in states with temperatures that exceed 65-70∞F, we highly recommend Warm Weather Shipping. By not selecting Warm Weather Shipping in these states your order will be at risk to melt and Valrhona waives responsibility to replace any melted product when the inappropriate shipping method is chosen. Warm Weather Shipping includes standard overnight shipping, insulated packaging, and ice packs to protect your order.


We use FedEx to ship all our chocolate. We offer four different FedEx shipping methods: - FedEx Priority OvernightÆ - FedEx Standard OvernightÆ - FedEx Two daysÆ (during the cold season - in states where the climate allows it) - FedEx GroundÆ (during the cold - in the tri-state area) All shipping methods are not available for all delivery locations. You will see your available shipping methods after you enter the shipping zip code in the checkout page.


The price is calculated based on the weight of the package and your delivery address within the United States. We pass on to you our volume discount in order to keep the shipping fees as low as possible. To preserve the exquisite quality of our chocolate, our shipping methods require temperature controlled packaging to certain states and during certain period of the year throughout the US. Please see "warm weather shipping" for further details.


Due to high temperatures during certain times of the year and year round in certain states, we pack our products in insulated packaging in order to preserve the chocolate and keep its flavors intact. There is an extra cost of $4.00 for temperature controlled packaging. This extra cost is optional except in states where the temperature requires this temperature controlled packaging as well as during the summer months (May to September) throughout the entire US.


When a free shipping promotion is available, the promotion applies to $75 or more of merchandise shipped to a single address in the 50 United States.


We guaranty that our products leave our facility in good condition. If upon receipt of the products it has been damaged in transit, please notify us immediately. You may also choose to refuse to sign and the product will be returned to us automatically.


After receiving the chocolate, please store it in a cool place and avoid change of temperature (see storage instructions on our FAQ page)


Fedex does not deliver to PO boxes.


At this time we are only able to ship our chocolates within the 50 US states.