Single Estate Chocolates Vintage

An invitation to discover rare and precious taste selected
by VALRHONA for a unique sensorial experience.

The Single Estate Chocolates are harvested annually from a unique plantation featuring some of the rarest and most aromatic beans on the planet, and cultivated with the grower’s passion. The fact that they are produced in limited quantities makes them all the more precious. The history of each Estate distills the chocolates unique and distinctive aromatic profiles offering consumers the chance to discover, through the Vintages, new sides to chocolate’s personality.


Dominican Republic, Valrhona Plantation

1.jpgIn the region of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, situated in the northeast corner of the Dominican Republic, lies the Valrhona cacao plantation, Loma Sotavento.
Long on the palate, very balanced and chocolatey, its round and light notes of ripe fruit give way to a gently increasing hint of toasty aromas.


Venezuela, Valrhona Plantation

2.jpgThe Porcelana is an extremely rare variety of Criollo cocoa, that is renowned for its outstanding aromatic power. Valrhona devoted 10 years  to revitalizing this unique cocoa by restoring a plantation entirely dedicated to it: El Pedregal.
This chocolate delivers flavors of honey and ripe fruit.


Trinidad, Partner Planter

3.jpgLocated in the southern region of the island, the little village of Gran Couva is home to one of the island’s oldest plantations, where the age-old cocoa variety of Trinitario is grown.
This chocolate reveals dried mint and fresh spice flavors.


Madagascar, Partner Planter

4.jpgThis cocoa is a mixture of Trinitario and Criollo, and has been grown on Ampamakia Farm for more than 100 years.
Tasting it reveals the tangy freshnessof yellow fruit and toasted notes.