Wine & Beer pairings

wine-beer-1.jpgPairing wine with chocolate is a research project for both connoisseurs and chocoholics. Everyones flavor palate is different, but there are a few good parameters to follow:
Light, creamy and smooth chocolate (milk) should be paired with lighter bodied wines.
Dark, rich and strong chocolate should be paired with full-bodied wines.

These are only guidelines, not rules. Another important fact to remember is that the wine should be a slightly or more sweet than the chocolate, otherwise you will end up with a sour or bitter taste.

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wine-beer-2.jpgOn tasting beer & chocolate together - When tasting chocolates, you focus on fragrance (what you initially smell when you open the package), feel (the texture of the chocolate as it melts in your mouth), flavor (what you taste that may be different than what you smell) and finish (the lingering effects in the mouth).  It is important to look at each of these elements when sampling beer as well.  You are searching for pairings where the elements of both products are either similar in comparison or the contrast of opposites that may be in harmony and balance.  The best beers and chocolates available are achieved by finding that delicate equilibrium of sweet and bitter flavors, therefore making themselves natural partners to pair together.

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Drink Responsibly

Pairings done for Valrhona by Jenny Benzie, Head Sommelier and CEO of Pour Sip Savor Click Here for more information