Celebrating a century of dedication


Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, France since 1922. From the beginning, company founder and Pastry Chef Albéric Guironnet was dedicated to the creation of unique, artisan quality chocolate with complex, balanced and consistent flavors. This year 2022 marks our 100th anniversary! For a century now, Valrhona has created a range of unique and recognizable aromatic profiles by perfecting techniques for enhancing the flavor of rare cocoa beans.



To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we have created Komuntu 80% WITH YOU.

From cocoa-producing partners to suppliers, co-workers and customers, every one of us has helped to make this dark chocolate, which symbolizes all the work done over 100 years to make the world a better place.

The Komuntu couverture came into being when a group of ethically minded people got together to make the ultimate in responsibly made chocolates. As a travel diary with multiple destinations, Komuntu tells the story of flavors and meetings of the world. The blend of cocoas has a singular aromatic character, with a powerful bitter woody flavor underpinned with notes of toasted nibs.

Komuntu is the physical embodiment of our commitment to a fair, sustainable chocolate sector and creative, responsible gastronomy. For this reason, during our 100th anniversary year, we are redistributing all the profits it makes to cocoa producers.

Its name evokes the strong link that binds our collective together, giving a sound and a rhythm to the meaning behind our work. Komuntu is a combination of “Komunumo”, which means “community” in Esperanto, and “Ubuntu”, an African word encapsulating the idea that “I am because we are”.

The gustatory travel it represents is brought to life by the French-Madagascan artist Deborah Desmada. Her openness to world cultures illuminates her color palette and feeds into her technique in which oil pastels and digital painting fuse together to create a world where the imagination is allowed to run wild. She is the ideal talent to bring Komuntu to life and we are proud to had her design our packaging.

Deborah Desmada
Komuntu bar Our Komuntu limited edition is available in beautifully packaged and molded 2.5oz tasting bars or in 8.82oz feves bags. These two formats are at the forefront of what we do best. The bar is ideal as a gift or as a treat for yourself, to experience Grand Chocolat tasting. And the bag of feves is ideal to give new notes to your favorite recipes. Komuntu baking bag

FROM 1922 TO 2022

1922. Pastry chef Albéric Guironnet sets up a workshop in the Rhone Valley, the French region after which he would name his business: Valrhona. There, he developed a chocolate manufacturing business devoted to serving his fellow flavor creatives. 2022. Thanks to their commitment and involvement, cocoa partners, suppliers, apprentices, pastry chefs, bakers, chocolatiers, chefs, ice-cream makers, creators and connoisseurs all work with us to make the cocoa industry fair and sustainable and inspire creative, ethical gastronomy.

100 years


100 years separate these two dates.

That century has generated ground-breaking innovations with unparalleled signature flavors.

Over 100 years, our determination to deepen our knowledge of cocoa ever further and support communities has been confirmed time and time again thanks to long-term partnerships with producers averaging terms of eight years.

Over 100 years, decisive people have made their mark by expanding the business and seeking to be a partner to all gastronomy professionals. We share our skills through L’École Valrhona, here in the US in Brooklyn, and all around the world. And we are promoting craft-based professions by helping to set up major industry initiatives such as the Pastry World Cup.

Over 100 years, the chocolate factory in Tain l’Hermitage has preserved techniques passed down through history, which form a craft that is still highly respected today.

Over 100 years, our business’ increasingly respectful and inclusive vision has helped us make choices that improve lives. Our recent B Corp certification serves as both a crowning achievement and a stimulating and demanding roadmap for the future.


100 years: Over the course of the century, our commitment to gastronomy that looks good, tastes good and does good has only got stronger and has constantly guided the decisions we make.

But now is the moment for us all, together, to make sure the next 100 years are every bit as indulgent and positive for people and the planet.

We have 100 years to act and bring to fruition a mission inspired 100 years ago by… a humble bean.

We invite you to celebrate this anniversary with us through Komuntu.

Together, we do use, and we will continue using good food to make the world a better place!