Valrhona 32 Grand Cru Chocolate Square Gift Box

32 Grand Cru Square Gift Box - 160g / 5.64oz

Valrhona Christmas treats


Holiday Small Assorted Gift Box of 25 Chocolates

100 % of 100

Contains 25 Fine Assorted Chocolates of 8 Varieties. 230g - 8.11oz


*Limited Edition - A variety of 8 gourmet recipes that everyone will love.*

Our beloved 25 piece assorted gift box of 8 varieties of chocolate bonbons gets a limited edition holiday wrapping.

Enjoy a selection of indulgent chocolate confections with unique flavor notes.

230g - 8.11oz

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  • sugar
  • cocoa butter
  • cocoa beans
  • whole milk powder
  • almonds
  • glucose syrup
  • whole condensed milk
  • concentrated butter (milk)
  • powdered candied orange zests (orange peel, sugar, glucose syrup, dextrose)
  • hazelnuts
  • water
  • invert sugar
  • raspberry puree (raspberry pulp, sugar)
  • chopped waffles (wheat flour, sugar, refined vegetable oil based on coconut oil, emulsifier: soy lecithin, color: caramel e150a, salt)
  • brown sugar
  • emulsifier: sunflower lecithin
  • raspberries
  • stabilizer: d-sorbitol
  • natural vanilla extract
  • salt
  • barley malt extract
  • glazing agent (shellac)

This Product May Contain Traces Of Egg.

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