NOROHY Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Norohy Tahitian Vanilla Beans (2)

Ground Nyangbo 68% Chocolate - 250g / 8.8oz

Ground Nyangbo 68% Chocolate - 250g / 8.8oz

Valrhona Collection Essentials Kit

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Essential Baking Ingredients includes Cocoa Powder, Guanaja 70% Baking Bag (250g), and Norohy Madagascar Vanilla Beans.
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Guanaja 70% - 250g / 8.82oz   + $17.00
Cocoa Powder - 250g / 8.82oz   + $10.00
Norohy Madagascar Vanilla Beans (3)   + $18.00

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Valrhona Collection Essentials Kit including VALRHONA Cocoa Powder, GUANAJA Dark Chocolate and NOROHY Madagascar Vanilla
Valrhona Collection Essentials Kit

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    Everything any baker needs. This collection comes with all of the essentials for sharing and baking. Featuring:

    Valrhona Cocoa Powder

    A very pure and intense cocoa taste, with a very warm red mahogany color. Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder (processed with alkali) gives a pure and intense cocoa taste with a very warm red mahogany color. With exceptional finesse and intense flavor for delicious chocolate drinks or for gourmet recipes.

    Valrhona Guanaja 70% Chocolate 250g Baking Bag

    Guanaja 70% develops extraordinary bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes while unveiling flowery notes and an intense flavor that is exceptionally long-lingering.

    NOROHY Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    These 3 Organic Vanilla Beans are processed and refined using traditional techniques. It takes over six months for these black non-split vanilla beans to attain all their excellent quality, and they are monitored with the utmost care through every step in the process.

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