Let's reinvent our future together.
Discover our new CSR plan, Live Long, which consists of four commitments: Live Long Cocoa, Live Long Environment, Live Long Gastronomy and Live Long Together.
“Alone, we can only make small-scale changes, but when we work with our employees, customers, suppliers and all our partners,
we can define a project with enthusiasm and the desire to act together at its heart. LIVE LONG is our commitment to reinventing
the world of chocolate.”

– Jean-Luc Grisot, CEO

Live Long Cocoa
Valrhona not only puts great effort into preserve cocoa with great aromatic potential but also works very hard to have a positive impact on the communities in which the cocoa is produced. To acheive these goals, our cocoa strategy is based on 4 pillars: Quality, Innovation, Sustainability,  Ethics & Respect of the environment. These different levels of commitment are brought to life by assisting producers, cooperating to innovate with planter partners, forming multiyear partnerships farmers, supporting the cocoa industry in small countries, improving the populations’ living conditions, and respecting plantation’s environment and employment laws.  Here are some examples of what we do:

  • We have long-term partnerships in 11 countries, lasting for an average of 6 years
  • We have led 17 projects to support planter communities since 2012, from Madagascar and Belize, to Ghana and the Ivory Coast
  • Since 2012, 100% of our cocoa suppliers have signed our Responsible Purchasing Charter
  • In 2015, we founded the Valrhona Clean Water Project which helps improve the living conditions and public health in the cocoa-producing community of Los Ranchos, Peru

Live Long Environment Strongly determined to cut its environmental impact in half by 2025, Valrhona has already considerably reduced its gas emissions, waste production, and energy and water consumption on industrial sites.

In addition, a new partnership has been developed between chocolatiers, research centers and universities to promote biodiversity. The project aims to reinvent the cocoa farming model to include the principles of agroforestry.
Key figures
  • All of our products will be eco-designed by 2020
  • 20% reduction in water use between 2013 and 2015
  • 7% reduction in our energy consumption since 2014
  • We are working in partnership with the Foundation Terra Isara and scientists at CIRAD on “Cacao Forest”, an agroforestry project that is taking place over the next 5-6 years


Live Long Gastronomy

Valrhona is committed to promoting gastronomy-based professions and inspiring new generations. For several years, La Cite du Chocolat in Tain l’Hermitage has been passing on Valrhona’s expertise in gastronomy from cocoa grower and chocolate producer to chocolatiers and pastry chefs. Dedicated to educating young people about flavor and sharing a profound passion and culinary heritage, The Foundation Valrhona is a proud partner of La Fondation Robert Ardouvin, La Fondation Paul Bocuse and La Protection Judiciaire de la Jeunesse. For more than 25 years, the four L’École Valrhona in Tain l’Hermitage, Paris, Tokyo and New York have trained professionals and gourmet in patisserie skills.  

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Live Long Together

Valrhona wants to build a sustainable model for, with, and thanks to all its stakeholders. Knowing that Valrhona can only invent the business of the future if everyone works together, a regular dialogue has been implemented to better understand each partner’s expectations. For example, every year, 20 customers and 20 employees are invited to visit a plantation to exchange with local communities.

Over the past few years, we have worked closely with clients and local organizations on numerous projects, from the Hot Chocolate Festival (Canada and the U.S.) to Chocs for Chance (UK) and our work with La Fondation Ardouvin (France).


Each year, Valrhona confirms its commitments to the earth and community around us through our Corporate Social Responsibility Report. CLICK HERE to view our latest report.

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