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AZÉLIA 35% 500g Baking Bag


GUANAJA ETNAO Inserts for the perfect molten chocolate core.
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ETNAO is a perfectly balanced dark chocolate core with high cocoa content. First developed and tested by L’École Valrhona for professional chefs, ETNAO is now available for baking enthusiasts. 

ETNAO is made of delicious chocolate ganache coated with Valrhona’s finest dark chocolate.This chocolate core for molten Lava Cakes ensures a soft and gooey chocolate center for perfectly baked Lava Cakes every time.  

Simply insert the ETNAO core into the middle of your Lava Cake batter and enjoy a luscious and warm dark chocolate center with every bite.

Cocoa beans, sugar, water, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, whole condensed MILK, concentrated butter, invert sugar, HAZELNUTS, stabilizer: D-sorbitol, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural vanilla extract. This product may contain egg proteins and gluten.

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