NOROHY Vanilla in Madagascar

To guarantee optimal traceability on our vanilla pods and ensure constant quality throughout the year, we have chosen to source as close as possible to the producer and to highlight the work of our local partners throughout the transformation process.
Because our vocation is to create links between producers and chefs, we are committed to bringing together these two worlds that work our vanilla.
At Norohy we are committed to creating links across the entire value chain, from producers to chefs. We unearth exceptional vanillas in the most beautiful terroirs in the world, cultivated and prepared with respect for traditions. We want to offer our customers optimal traceability to offer a product that is both greedy and responsible. This approach is the result of a partnership with Valrhona Collection, a collective of committed brands.



 The Art of Vanilla

In 2019, we had the opportunity to discover the gastronomy professionals the art vanilla plantations in Madagascar and share all key stages, cultural transformation, which will give a good vanilla.

Vanilla Plantation
Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Plantations                    
Madagascar offers the best terroir in the word for vanilla beans, the NOROHY plantation offers subtleties in each bean making them all unique. The vanilla flower of Madagascar, the Vanilla Planifolia orchid, is still hand-pollinated using techniques passed down through the ages.
Going through the preparation steps such as scalding and steaming the vanilla beans.
 Sorting Vanilla

And finally the step of sorting the different qualities to be able to better recognize and appreciate the best vanilla.
· Ban on child labor


Why Buy Valrhona Fairtrade and Organic

Our certified chocolate allows our customers to buy fairtrade and organic products, while still attaining the refined levels of quality and taste for which Valrhona is known. By producing a certified chocolate, we also aim to draw on the high standards of practice required to attain Fair Trade and Organic certification to improve the way we do business throughout our supply chain, all while maintaining our focus on flavor.