Chocolate Tart


Category: Cakes and Tarts
Difficulty: Medium


Calculated for 20 small tarts

For the Pate Sablée:
250 grams butter
250 grams sugar
500 grams pastry flour
125 grams almond flour
5 grams salt
100 grams eggs
12.5 grams water

For the Ganache:
460 grams whipping cream

For the Chocolate Mousse:
125 grams sugar
3 ea egg yolks
3 ea whole eggs
350 grams CARAIBE 66% Dark Chocolate Baking Bar
500 grams whipping cream

For the Glaze:
324 grams water
778 grams sugar
580 grams whipping cream
290 grams glucose
90 grams trimoline
30 grams gelatin sheet



Pate sablée: 
  • In the stand mixer with paddle, combine all the dry ingredients to a sandy texture.
  • Then, add eggs and water and keep mixing just until it forms the dough. Do not over mix.

Soft JIVARA 40% ganache:

  • Bring the cream to boil in a pot.
  • Pour over the chocolate.
  • Mix until well combined.

Dark Chocolate CARAIBE 66% mousse:
  • Heat the sugar with enough water to make it sandy in a small pot.
  • Place the yolks & eggs in the bowl of an electric mixer and whisk on medium speed for few minutes.
  • Cook the sugar to 242ºF (117°C) and pour over the yolks, whisking slowly at first and then rapidly once all of the sugar has been incorporated.
  • Whisk the sabayon until it triples in volume and is nearly cool to the touch.
  • Meanwhile, melt CARAIBE 66% in the microwave (not over 55°C) and whip the cream to soft peak.
  • Quickly fold the very warm chocolate into the whipped cream, followed by the sabayon.

  • Soak gelatin in ice water until softened; squeeze out any excess water and set aside.
  • In a pot add water, sugar and glucose and cook to 217ºF (103°C). Stir and drain the gelatin.
  • In a bowl, place chocolate in pieces. Pour hot mixture onto the chocolate and emulsify. Using a hand blender, add condensed milk and neutral glaze to the chocolate emulsion and stir well. 
  • Add food color, mixing well. Allow the glaze to set in refrigerator for 24 hours.

  • Fill the mousse into the prepared molds. Freeze overnight until firm. Unmold the CARAIBE 66% or GUANAJA 70% mousse & glaze. Transfer the mousse and put on top of the tart filled with JIVARA 40% ganache. Garnish with chocolate decorations.