An original recipe from the École du Grand Chocolat
Category: Cakes and Tarts
Makes 20 desserts
Difficulty: Easy


Mushroom Concassé:
600g button mushrooms
90g 50% Almond & Hazelnut Praliné
90g fresh orange juice
1.5 oranges, zested
1.5 vanilla beans

Parmesan Shortbread:
150g all-purpose flour
15g starch
130g parmesan
35g ground almonds
5g fleur de sel
140g dry butter 84% fat
25g whole eggs

Azélia Ganache:
411g Azélia
247g whipping cream
41g corn syrup or honey

Hazelnut Praliné Vinaigrette:
50g 50% Almond & Hazelnut Praliné
30g olive oil
30g hazelnut oil
10g orange juice
5g lemon juice
10g balsamic vinegar
Guérande sea salt
Black pepper, freshly ground

AN toasted hazelnuts
AN fresh arugula



Mushroom Concassé:
  • Wash and peel the mushrooms, and dice them.
  • Sweat the mushrooms in a pan.
  • Emulsify the praliné with the orange juice and then add the orange zest, vanilla beans and mushroom cubes.
  • Set aside in the refrigerator.
Parmesan Shortbread:
  • Process the flour, starch, parmesan, ground almonds and salt with the butter.
  • Add the cold eggs.
  • As soon as the mixture comes together, stop the processor.
  • Roll out the dough to a thickness of 2.5 mm. Chill and then cut out into 3 x 15 cm rectangles.
  • Bake at 150-160°C (302-320°F) until golden.
Azélia Ganache:
  • Bring the cream and invert sugar to a boil.
  • Slowly pour over the chocolate.
  • Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion.
  • Use your ganache right away or leave it to set.
Hazelnut Praliné Vinaigrette:
  • Mix the praliné with the olive and hazelnut oils.
  • Mix the vinegar with the orange and lemon juice.
  • Slowly pour the vinegar/juice mixture onto the praliné/oil mixture until smooth, glossy and elastic.
  • Blend to perfect the emulsion, taking care not to incorporate any air.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Place 35g of the mushroom concassé on top of the Parmesan Shortbread.
  • Put the ganache in a piping bag and pipe a few drops on the shortbread.
  • Place the mushroom shortbread on top.
  • Decorate with a few drops of vinaigrette.
  • Season some arugula leaves with the vinaigrette and arrange a few leaves on top of the shortbread.
  • Sprinkle roasted hazelnuts on top of the salad and around the dish.