Strawberry Cream Puff


 An original recipe by l'Ecole Valrhona
Category: Entertaining
Difficulty: Medium


Makes approx. 18 choux buns or 30 mini choux buns
75g butter
90g raw cane sugar
90g bread flour
Choux pastry
80g milk
80g water
75g butter
2g sugar
2g fine salt
90g bread flour
140g eggs
Strawberry Or Raspberry Inspiration Whipped Ganache 
150g strawberry or raspberry purée 
16g glucose/corn syrup
16g honey


  • Mix the creamed butter with all the other ingredients until homogeneous ball forms.

  • Spread the dough out between two sheets of plastic wrap or baking paper.

  • Gently remove the wrap or paper from the top and cut the dough into disks the same size as your choux pastries. Store in the freezer.

Choux pastry

  • Bring the milk, water, butter, sugar, and salt to a boil.

  • Off the heat, add the flour. Place back on the heat and use a spatula to help evaporate any liquid off the dough.

  • Put the dough in a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment to finish drying out and leave to cool.

  • Beat the eggs one by one and gradually incorporate them into the dough.  

  • Use a piping bag with a 13mm nozzle to pipe out the choux buns.

  • Put a thin disk of Craquelin topping on top of the pipped out choux. 

  • Bake in a convection oven at 355°F (180°C) for approx. 25 minutes. If necessary, keep evaporating the liquid from the choux for an extra 5 minutes at 340°F (170°C).
Strawberry Inspiration Whipped ganache 
  • Heat the purée along with the honey.

  • Gradually combine the hot mixture with the melted Strawberry Inspiration. Mix using an immersion blender to perfect the emulsion. Add the cold heavy cream.

  • Mix again. Leave to set in the refrigerator for 12 hours.  



  • Once cooled, halve the choux buns, whip the ganache to soft peaks, then using a fluted nozzle, pipe in the whipped ganache.