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Tahitian vanilla is bursting with an aromatic bouquet made up of over 200 molecules. Its aroma-rich beans offer intense anise and floral notes with a hint of almond and balsamic vinegar.

The story of Tahitian vanilla begins in 1848. The Vanilla x tahitensis orchid was first found in a Tahitian private garden before being produced on a larger scale across the island. Today, this variety is highly valued by pastry chefs, however, it is very rare and makes up less than 0.3% of the worldwide vanilla production.

Just like in Madagascar, we have chosen short supply chains that allow us to work closely with vanilla growers in keeping with our philosophy of pursuing quality and traceability. Our Tahitian vanilla is grown on the island of Tahaa by 200 farmers and prepared on the island of Raiatea by our partner.

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Applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations Not Applicable
Vanillia Tahitensis (bean)
Nutritional values for 100g: Energy values: 554KJ/132Kcal Protein: 3,6 g Fat of wich saturated fat: 4,3 g / 0,8 g Carbohydrate of wich sugar: 19,6 g / 14,3 g Salt: < 0,1 g
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