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Andoa Milk 39% Tasting Bar

ANDOA 39% Milk Chocolate Tasting Bar
-Grand Cru Single Origin Peru
-Intense Milky Notes & Chocolatey
-Milky sweetness, notes of farm milk and a touch of acidity.
-Fair trade milk chocolate, organic farming, certified Fairtrade/ Max Havelaar
-Cocoa content: 39%
-70g - 2.46oz

ANDOA MILK is a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with a powerful, authentic milk flavor and powerful cocoa notes.

This beautifully molded bar is perfect for introducing yourself to the art of tasting, for gifting or sharing with your loved ones.

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ANDOA 39% is a deliciously smooth milk chocolate with a seductive milky sweetness and powerful cocoa taste. This Grand Cru soft and mellow chocolate, seduces with its milk smoothness and chocolate tenderness, enhanced by a bittersweet hint.

ANDOA 39% is one of the visible expressions of Valrhona's commitment to sustainable development. In Peru, the world's second-largest producer of organic cocoa, Valrhona has cultivated the soil and sustainable relationships with the farmers in order to develop a fair trade certified milk chocolate from organically farmed ingredients.

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy) and Gluten Free

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Applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations Not Applicable


  • cane sugar*
  • cocoa butter*
  • whole milk powder*
  • cocoa beans from Peru*
  • emulsifier: sunflower lecithin*
  • (*) Product from Organic Farming. Certified by FR-BIO-01

    cocoa butter, cocoa beans, cane sugarare Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers, total 73.7%. For more visit

This Product May Contain Traces Of Gluten, Nuts, Soy.

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