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Praliné Dulcey Blondie Baking Box

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Valrhona DULCEY® Blondie with PRALINÉ Sauce


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praliné dulcey blondie
Praliné Dulcey Blondie Baking Box

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    Learn how to master Valrhona’s delicious DULCEY® Chocolate Blondie with PRALINÉ Sauce – An Original recipe from l’École Valrhona!

    Your Baking Box includes:

    • 300g of 50% Almond & Hazelnut PRALINÉ: this PRALINÉ paste will take your recipe to the next level and is sure to ‘wow’ your family and friends!
    • 1 DULCEY® 35% Chocolate 250G Baking Bag
    • 1 Valrhona Apron
    • Exclusive Recipe Card, including baking tips and suggestions for using PRALINÉ in other recipes.

    Valrhona DULCEY® Blondie with PRALINÉ Sauce Exclusive Product:

    50% Almond & Hazelnut PRALINÉ


    Valrhona is renowned for sourcing the world’s best cocoa beans, and that same care is taken in selecting and inspecting the nuts used to make our PRALINÉ. Valrhona prioritizes excellence in flavor along with absolute consistency in the quality of the nuts.

    For over 90 years, Valrhona has been using the same recipe to create its exceptional PRALINÉ pastes. Slightly sweet and sugary caramel notes preserve the flavor of Valencia Almonds and Roman Hazelnuts.

    To start, raw nuts and sugar cook together. This process, the ‘Chouchou’ cooking method, enhances the flavors of the nuts. The roasted nuts are then added to caramel. This process is a Valrhona signature and produces an unforgettable, intense caramelized PRALINÉ flavor.


    • Almonds
    • Hazelnuts
    • Sugar
    • Fat

    This Product May Contain Traced Of Nuts, Milk And Egg Proteins, Gluten And Peanut.

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