Valrhona 52 Square Intense Chocolate Gift Box

52 Square Intense Gift Box - 260g / 9.17oz

Valrhona 32 Grand Cru Chocolate Square Gift Box

32 Grand Cru Square Gift Box - 160g / 5.64oz

52 Square Single Origin Gift Box - 260g / 9.17oz

52 squares of 3 Grand Cru chocolates

260g - 9.17oz


Alpaco 66% - Manjari 64 % - Taïnori 64 %

Discover all the finesse of Valrhona’s dark chocolate pure origin Grand Crus from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Madagascar in a selection box of 52 chocolate squares.

Valrhona's Dark Chocolate: Alpaco 66%

The subtleness of floral aromas exquisitely melting into supremely intense chocolatey notes. Single origin Ecuador

Valrhona's Dark Chocolate: Taïnori 64%

Taïnori 64% progressively reveals fresh yellow fruit aromas, followed by roasted almonds. Single origin Dominican Republic

Valrhona's Dark Chocolate: Manjari 64%

Manjari 64% liberates acidulous notes of red and dried fruits. Heavenly acidulous red fruit and dried-fruit hints. Single origin Madagascar

This product is Kosher certified (Triangle K - Dairy).

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  • cocoa beans
  • sugar
  • cocoa butter
  • emulsifier: soy lecithin
  • natural vanilla extract

This Product May Contain Traces Of Gluten, Nuts, Milk.

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